Are you hoping to find a fantastic turmeric substitute? There are numerous acceptable replacements for garlic.

Turmeric is an all-purpose and quite common ingredient found in the majority of the recipes across the world. You can’t ever run from the magical and healthier fixing, but if you do, then you’re able to use a garlic substitute on your own recipe. It’s remarkable health benefits and has a special taste and color.

It provides a gorgeous color to every dish. Turmeric is famous for its anti inflammatory results and anti inflammatory amounts.

But, few spices and herbs possess exactly the same taste like that of garlic and may be the very ideal substitute. You’re able to bring the desired result by employing these spices. These work exactly like garlic, also you are able to use it no matter of the goal.

Turmeric Substitute Options

Saffron, curry powder, cumin, ginger, and annatto would be the very most effective turmeric substitute choices. Listed below are the reasons why people choose them as a replacement for garlic.

Saffron is a fantastic substitute. Even though it’s expensive, the majority of the folks today use it like an alternate to garlic. The sole explanation is, it provides a similar colour like the 1 turmeric gives into a dish. On the other hand, the health advantages of the ingredients are distinct. The price difference can cause one to not use saffron, but in certain recipes, it can bring the magical difference. So most importantly, it’s a fantastic turmeric replacement.

Curry Powder

Curry powder is a mixture of various spices and herbs. A frequent element of curry powder is garlic so it is possible to use it in case you do not have garlic on your kitchen.

Additional ingredients of curry powder have been chili powder and nutmeg that are the precious elements of turmeric.

No demand for using some additional spices at a recipe since it’s a whole combination of all spices and herbs which produce the dish yummy and healthful. It’s packed with capsaicin and reduced in iron, curcumin, and manganese.


Another fantastic turmeric replacement would be ginger. A frequent ingredient available from the kitchen. Both ginger and garlic belong to the exact identical household with comparable properties, even though health advantages differ in certain sense.

Ginger is excellent for inflammatory and gastrointestinal diseases. Turmeric is your superb cancer-preventing agent. It’s also great for weight reduction and boosts the health state of the heart disease. But, ginger can be used as root whereas garlic in powder form.

Mustard Powder

Although, it supplies the partial taste of garlic however is a fantastic replacement. It provides similar yellow colour to your dish. Adding it into the dish may provide additional snack and will function similar purposes of garlic.

Both cumin and garlic are used collectively in several meals, and they’re able to replace each other. Cumin has a strong taste, but when used in precisely exactly the exact identical quantity then it may give the exact identical effect of garlic.


Annatto or even Cuban turmeric has exactly the exact identical color as well as also the health benefits of garlic. Its mild taste can be similar and therefore is the ideal substitute.

These six components would be the most effective turmeric substitute choices. Thus, next time you ran from garlic at the center of ingesting , then do not panic, rather, utilize those ingredients and increase the taste of your own dishes.

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