If there’s one place in the home that gets regular cleaning, it has to be the bathroom. Ok let’s pause here for a moment: please tell me you regularly clean your bathroom!

One can’t even imagine the level and quantity of bacteria taking refuge if you don’t do routine cleaning. Since we have dealt with that, we may proceed. Cleaning bathrooms is one thing but doing it well is a whole matter of its own.

We can easily get carried away with cleaning the major, easily seen area of the bathroom but this doesn’t mean bacteria and the likes are not lurking around in hidden corners.

So yes, it’s possible to have a beautiful bathroom but still have some hidden bacteria stored up somewhere. To help you out with their total elimination, we will show you areas you probably forget to clean.

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Maybe because they are way up in the air, we tend to forget about their presence in the bathroom until we are taking a shower. Anyways because of their function, they can act as hiding place for bacteria.

If your water has a significant amount of minerals in it, oftentimes it would leave deposits on the showerhead and may eventually get the holes blocked.

To get this dissolved and cleaned, place the showerhead in a warm white vinegar bath. After about 20 minutes, take out the showerhead and use a paperclip to push out leftover deposits. To give you more leverage, you can scrub with an old toothbrush.

Toilet Bases

Unless you do a thorough clean up of your bathroom, you would probably have never thought to clean the toilet base. Overtime this becomes a home for mildew and gives the toilet an unattractive appearance.

To get it cleaned, sprinkle some white vinegar solution on it or any available household cleaning solution. Get a brush with hard bristle and use it to wipe off any stains or growing mildew.

Bathroom Drains

This is yet another overlooked part of the bathroom. Usually our attention is drawn to it when it gets clogged and not before. This is really sad and depressing for the drain, if only it had feelings.

The drains holds much of your personal bodily memories – from hairs, skin flakes, etc. Remove the pop-up stopper and get all dirt lodging around and about.

Just like you did with the showerhead, get a solution of white vinegar and use to remove residual mineral deposits. Then ones a week or twice a month, pour hot water down the drain to clear up any clogging.

Medicine Cabinet

Ok I have to admit that not everyone has a medicine cabinet in their bathrooms. If you do, chances are that you don’t clean it out often or at all.

So what’s the worse that can happen with a medicine cabinet? Well unless you don’t mind having expired drugs or no-longer-in-use drugs, I see no reason why it should not be cleaned. When disposing of these drugs, please do not flush them down the drains.

The drains already have it bad as it is; the job of channeling all your dirty water is tough as it is. Not only should you be concerned about your drains but also about polluting the city’s main water source.

Conclusion For “Clean Your Bathroom”

There are many areas in the bathroom that we too well take for granted. If at all you want to clean your bathroom, why not do it thoroughly and perfectly? Like any home improvement advice, it’s ideal to have white vinegar in the house. Not only does it have many application, it also acts as a good disinfectant.