We have set up this camping recipes post to give a complete overview explaining to prepare simple and quick meals at the campsite.

The fact Is that the Means to cook at the campsite for your tent or caravan you are limited Usually Further More, most campers do not want to stand during a camping hours behind the stove. Hence our idea for all campers at the campsite to offer a varied overview of the wide range of camping meal ideas easy to prepare while camping.

The Best Camping Recipes

Tastiest recipes are camping carefully selected by us. There are always new recipes added by us so that you can come back Regularly for new inspiration. We have camping recipes divided into several at different categories appetizer or side dish to the main course and the side dish too.

Also, tasty snacks will be paid by our attention as to a wide variety of appetizers and desserts. You Desired so as compose a complete dinner with handy recipes for camping.

We are Constantly looking for new camping recipes, and will add it and provided a detailed description with a photo. So you get a next idea of how it could look like. Of course, you can imagine yourself as variations example, just that one vegetable is not available, but other plants, though.

They are all the easy and quick cooking at the campsite. That is our starting point, where you can do your advantage. Today, we will give you the recipe for the fresh salad with pear and Roquefort

Salad With Pear And Roquefort

Since I ever arrived at the place of my holiday to the discovery was that I had packed all swimwear and accessories for hubby and kids, but I forgot my bathing suits, I started making a holiday table.

Pretty handy because I’m pretty chaotic with things like that and I still feverishly is thinking of leaving home, near Utrecht: I have my passport is? I’ll be back or not locked? I have coffee do not leave it on? Only when we cross the border, and there is no turning back, I can only give in to the relaxing feeling of being on vacation.

My list has grown considerably over the years. There are sometimes the craziest things. But also very useful. Once the spare keys of the caravan password? Or ear drops of the children? The curtains of the awning? And what good is the Tom-Tom without a charger?

On foreign holidays I can let me try one of everything to offer the country. I’m curious about exotic dishes, unique buildings, and new people. It may well be somewhat adventurous. But I probably there any way that certainty of the usual stuff I need and want to leave anything to chance. So be it!

Fortunately, there are also things back from my now very substantial list off. The children already no longer go on holiday abroad, and they know the phenomenon of BIG supermarkets. There you will find today sometimes just sprinkles, prawn crackers, and peanut butter in the boxes. Not that I ever from the Netherlands mounted on vacation. But you never know.

What I will never forget our books with holiday recipes and plenty of copies of already tested and approved recipes from our website. But which are also standard in the caravan. Easy enough.

This exotic main course we traditionally eat on vacation. He has often eaten every time surprisingly tasty. Adventurous, yet so familiar!

The Ingredients For Salad With Pear And Roquefort

  • One bag mixed salad 50g chopped walnuts
  • Two ripe pears cubed one slice of ham, diced
  • Two large carrots, sliced 125g Roquefort
  • Four spring onions, sliced three stalks celery, sliced
  • mustard-honey dressing
  • One tablespoon mustard two tablespoons honey
  • Two tablespoons white wine vinegar four tablespoons olive oil
  • Two teaspoons thyme salt and pepper


Put the lettuce in a bowl and mix it with pear, walnuts, ham, carrot, celery and spring onions. Crumble the Roquefort and lay the pieces on top of the salad. Make the dressing and pour it over the salad.

We always eat sandwiches with raw ham and goat cheese. You can also buy side and finished dressing.

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