Questions to Ask Car Accident Lawyer Before Hiring

Being a victim of car accident can be quite devastating. You may need a competent lawyer to represent you, so make sure to choose one cautiously. Lawyers play a vital role in reducing stress and help recover fair compensation from the insurance claims.

Friends and family can be good sources for recommendations of local Conyers car accident attorney. Schedule initial consultation, which can be complimentary. You can take advantage of this free consultation and ask them the following questions.

What is your specialty law area?

Specialist’s lawyers have knowledge on a variety of legal subjects but you wish to look for one that concentrates more on car accident injuries. They are in the best position to handle accident case complexities because they don’t dilute their practice in other areas like criminal defense or family law, so can focus on building a strong case. You can even ask them –

  • What is your experience in personal injury cases?
  • How many such cases do you deal with every year?
  • What other resources do you apply to settle car collision cases?
  • How many car accident cases have you settled out of court?

Have you worked with complicated car accident cases involving injuries like mine?

If you suffer from complicated injuries, which will need ongoing medical care then this is a crucial question to ask. Calculating the cost of broken leg fracture is fairly simple but hard to prove tissue damages or project future care necessities for traumatic brain injury.

Relevant questions –

  • What was the consequence of similar cases?
  • What is your approach?
  • Can you offer reference of your client with same injuries?

What do you feel about my case? Is it strong enough to get fair and deserved compensation?

During an initial consultation, you get a chance to gain familiarity with the lawyer and even the attorney gets an opportunity to assess your case. Don’t expect to receive legal advice but you can ask them how they evaluate your case.

Some follow-up questions –

  • What factors support in winning a claim?
  • Can compensation be recovered if the accident was partially my fault? How much will it affect my reimbursement?
  • Is there anything, which can stop me from getting full recompense?
  • Can we settle this outside court?
  • How long will it take to resolve the Conyers car accident claim?

After evaluation, the lawyer will tell his/her opinion whether your case is valid or falls short. Remember, competent lawyer never guarantees case success or make false promises.

How do you approach settlement negotiation process?

Majority of people avoid court because sometimes the verdict takes longer than you expected. You will need fair settlement, so as to cover bills and trials can involve judge and jury. Therefore, you ask the lawyer how they handle settlement negotiation process.

Some lawyers jump rapidly to filing lawsuit, while other willingly avert it through several negotiation rounds. They advise their clients, while a few ask clients preference. Being familiar with how your lawyer’s deal with this process is essential if insurance provider does not approve fair settlement quickly.

Will you offer updates about my Conyers car accident claim?

Some lawyers have their para-legal to handle the case, so it is crucial to learn how exactly you will be updated and how often. It is also crucial to find out on how to reach them, when you have a question.

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