Camping trips are always fun for the entire family. However you have to know what to do in order to prepare for a trip like this, otherwise things can go very wrong. Never make the mistake that it will simply fall together – take the time to plan it carefully before you leave.

One of the first things that you will need to decide on is who is going on the camping trip with you. If this is a family outing, this decision will be easy.

Once you know who the members are in your party, you will be able to better gauge such decisions as to what kind of lodging will be needed and the amount of food you should pack. Next, make sure that you carry important information such as healthcare and insurance information.

You will then need to decide how long you will be there as well as where you will be sleeping. If you are going camping in a tent area, then you obviously need to have a tent. If not, then you will have make other lodging arrangements, such as renting a small cabin.

Before leaving, you will also need to prepare your first aid kit. Some of the things you will need in your kit include tweezers, bug spray, bandage wrap, matches, tissues, personal medicine and adhesive dressings. At least one person in your group should be trained in basic first aid practices as well.

Some other items you will likely need on your camping trip will include a compass, water bottles, sleeping bags, rain ponchos, tent, knives, appropriate clothing for the weather, personal items, trash bags, air mattress, personal items, zip lock bags, extra batteries, pillows, cooking ware and food, and duct tape (for emergency repairs) and a portable camping toilet.

You will also need to decide what you will do in terms of disposing of your waste – including some kind of portable camping toilet. Taking the time to plan ahead will help prevent disasters on your camping trip.

You need to be sure to pack adequate food for the trip. For each individual you will need food for snacks and three full meals a day.

Be careful about how much perishable food that you bring as perishable foods go back quickly and can make you very sick. Packing a good amount of water is also vital, although you may want to carry a water filter with you so you can take advantage of local supplies from streams and lakes.

The last thing that you will need to do is pack the car and get on the road. Make sure you have plenty of gas, oil and a good clear map.

You will also need to have an emergency road kit and let others know where you are going. Have a buddy system in place so that no one gets lost during your camping trip. Keep a cell phone with you and keep your battery charged. This may be the only way to get help in an emergency. Having all of these necessities will make your camping trip go much smoother.