Among the most frequently forgotten-about things in the cabinet , tortillas have a reputation for becoming moldy. It is not that we do not adore tortillas, but we’re generally dealt with such a massive quantity at one moment. Hence the question becomes

Can You Freeze Tortillas? Is it worthwhile? So when is it too late?

Yes, obviously you are able to suspend tortillas. But every number will have its freezing process to guarantee optimum texture and taste preservation. Do not worry, we have laid out the details for every kind of tortilla. Prior to making the jump to freezing, then be sure your tortillas will be the ideal alternative for your circumstances. We have supplied some steps below.

Allow me to guess. You simply hauled up on tortillas which were available in the grocery shop or possess a half-used bundle from the fridge and are still all asking,”Can You Freeze Tortillas?” . We have been there several times! As freezer cooking specialists and cookbook authors we handled this question and give our deep freezer cooking suggestions and suggestions.

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Can You Freeze Tortillas?

Yes, the two tender corn and corn tortillas freeze nicely, based on our tests and based on one of the biggest producers of tortillas, Mission Foods.

1 significant thing we heard when composing From Freezer to Table and From Freezer to Cooker is that when your meals –tortillas contained –is stored at 0°F from the freezer, then it is going to stay safe to eat forever. That is the USDA that states , not . Shocking, I know!

If food security is not the matter, then the issue really becomes”just how exactly can I freeze and defrost tortillas in a manner that keeps their first flavor and feel ? “. Follow our icy directions to make sure your tortillas stay clean even following their deep freezer staycation.

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If You Freeze Tortillas?

It truly depends on what your aim is. In case you have any genuine, homemade tortillas you wish to stay fresh, we really don’t recommend freezing them. While freezing can help lengthen the period prior to fungal or mold growth, it finally degrades feel and taste however you go about doing it.


In case you’ve some shop bought tortillas which you’d love to put in down the street, and minor texture/flavor degradation is not of enormous concern, even freezing tortillas is completely functional. Follow the steps below to find best outcomes.

In case your tortillas are already revealing signs of fungal or mold growth, DO NOT FREEZE THEM. They’re already endangered and freezing them may just prolong the inevitable. If you notice signs of degradation, throw them off. It is not worth the taste loss or security concerns.

The Way To Freeze Tortillas Properly

Simply take some opportunity to suspend them and your tortillas is going to probably be as close to new as possible. Follow these steps carefully to make freezing, freezing and freezing your tortillas a bit of cake.

Flour Tortillas

Flour tortillas are normally made from a form of flour, salt and lard. Every one these components hold up nicely in the freezer, so this really is not an problem. The actual issue individuals experience is keeping them correctly in the freezer to create thawing simpler.

Based upon the components employed, flour tortillas can quickly become stuck collectively . Freezing can exacerbate this impact and earn break a sticky mess.

To Prevent this occurring, follow these measures:

1) Require your bread tortillas and put individual pieces of wax paper or parchment paper between every . (Caution: this could develop into a massive chore when you’ve got plenty of tortillas. If this be true, put parchment paper just below the tortillas close to the floor. All these are prone to sticking together as a result of huge burden exerted on these ).

2) Set the pile of tortillas in a sterile freezer secure bag (be certain that you produce stacks which resemble the sum that are going to want to extract in a single time).

3) Tag them using the present date, and additionally the date you anticipate them to go poor (6 weeks approximately). Do Not put anything on top of the tote. Maintain it isolated to guarantee no structural damage.

4) Two Days before you begin running from your present (non-frozen tortillas), choose these from the freezer and start the thawing process (detailed below).

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Corn Tortillas

Corn tortillas are mainly made from masa (or ground corn). Some industrial versions are going to have other components for preservation, however, that generally isn’t an issue.

1) Sticking together is not as prevalent with corn tortillas, but should you would like to have an additional precaution, you may use the identical wax paper procedure described over .

3) Set the pile of tortillas at a sealed, freezer-safe luggage compartment. Press up to outside as you can. Label them with this date, along with the date you anticipate them to go poor (6 weeks approximately ).Do Maybe not put anything on top of the tote. Maintain it isolated to guarantee no structural damage.

4) Two Days before you begin running from your present (non-frozen tortillas), choose these from the freezer and start the thawing process (detailed below).

Raw Flour Tortillas

If you have ever produced homemade bread tortillas, you understand how incredibly delicate they could be prior to cooking. Because of this we recommend setting parchment paper between each tortilla prior to freezing.

1) Require your tortillas and separately put bits of wax paper or parchment paper between every .

Two ) Set the pile of tortillas in a sealed, freezer-safe tote. Label them with this date, along with the date you anticipate them to go poor (6 weeks approximately ).Do Not put anything on top of the tote. Maintain it isolated to guarantee no structural damage.

3) Two Days before you begin running from your present (non-frozen tortillas), consider these from the freezer and start the suitable thawing process (detailed below).

The best way to Reclaim Tortillas Properly

Thawing is a very straightforward procedure. Considering that tortillas are often”pantry-safe,” bacterial contamination is not as likely. Listed below are a couple distinct procedures to thaw your own tortillas.

The Strategy Ahead Strategy

The ideal way to thaw tortillas will be gradually in the fridge . Should you just happen to detect your present (nonfrozen) tortillas dwindling, it is time to set your frozen pile from the refrigerator. Based upon how big this pile, this may choose from 1-2 times .

Once defrosted, you are able to opt to do with all the tortillas what you’ll. Set them in the cabinet or abandon them in the refrigerator. Whichever you like.

Corn tortillas may dry outside quite radically from the freezer. As soon as you take them from the fridge, pay them with a very small layer of plain water. You can achieve this using a spray bottle or damp paper towel. Give them a few moments to consume the waterand add more if need be.

The Day-Of Plan

If you are on a time crunch and want the tortillas thawed ASAP, then you can make them out in room temperature. We always suggest a slow- controlled defrost, however, the textural modifications are marginal when it has to do with tortillas. Just be certain that you keep a watch out for the tortillas as time passes. Maintaining them in room temperature can make them deteriorate in a faster speed.

Often Asked Questions

If we did not fully answer your question above, here are a Few of the common questions concerning tortilla preservation

1) How Long Can You Freeze Flour Tortillas?

The expiry date will be different with the components and production procedure, but wheat tortillas will last around 6 weeks from the freezer. Tortillas are relatviely secure at room temperature, therefore freezing may lengthen the period of comeback significantly. Once you thaw them out, be sure and look for any indications of contamination; molds, discoloration, off-smells, etc.. .

2) Could You Refreeze Tortillas?

We never advise refreezing anything. Too many extreme changes in temperature may finally result in unappealing taste and textural changes. Additionally, it may increase the probability of contamination.

3) Would You Freeze Tortilla Chips?

Absolutely! Set them in a freezer secure bag and freeze off. Be sure and press on up to out as you can prior to freezing.

Concluding For Article Can You Freeze Tortillas?

Tortillas are a pantry staple. Keeping them fresh and safe is also an significant part producing tasty dishes. We only advocate freezing them when grade is not of extreme importance. In case you have any queries, do not be afraid to leave a comment below.

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